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Blue Planet Start-up Trampoline aims to support innovative solutions of growing start-up projects. The focus of the accelerator is to promote the sustainable use of human, social, natural and economic resources in East-Central Europe (particularly in the V4 region).


Join the first transnational accelerator & mentor programme for East-Central European sustainability focused start-ups!


professional assistance

High quality acceleration services and mentoring throughout the project.

External financing

Preparing start-up projects to receive external funding through Blue Planet Climate Protection Venture Capital Fund.

Workshops & Events

Individual mentoring, workshops, business visits, investor day and many other valuable events.


The first thematic acceleration network in East-Central Europe.


The medium-term goal of the accelerator is to strengthen sustainable initiatives in the East-Central European region and provide professional and financial support to start-ups addressing the goals of Blue Planet Climate Protection Venture Capital Fund. The programme also contributes to the development of an interregional network where projects with an environmentally conscious approach can actively cooperate.


The best start-ups will have direct link to Blue Planet Venture Capital Fund. Additionally, they will get the support to participate in one of the biggest start-up fairs in Europe, and professional mentoring vouchers will also be awarded.


Start-up projects

from Hungary & East-Central Europe (especially V4 countries),

at any development stage but preferably over the first validation and having MVP.


25th September – 17th October


18th October – 25th October


25th October – 15th December


17th December



Thematic acceleration workshops

Selected participants can attend a 10-day thematic workshop session.

The aim of the workshops is to provide thematic knowledge to the participants in all the fields that are necessary for the further development, especially for the involvement of external investment.

The workshops cover the following topics:


Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation

The aim of the Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation is to increase the sensitivity of the society to environmental and sustainability problems, and to involve local communities in solving them. To this end, the foundation strongly supports the creation and development of multi-level education on environmental protection and climate change, the development of society’s environmental awareness, and the change of individuals’ and society’s values, behavior, producer and consumer habits and aspirations.

Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency

Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency is a key players in generating, coordinating territorial innovation processes, organizing technology innovation networks, and providing innovation support services.

We offer cooperation for more than 200 Hungarian and 100 foreign partners through our services. Additionally we co-developed and manage a start-up acceleration programme (AlbaAccelerator) for three years.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Any start-up from East-Central Europe, especially V4 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia), preferably over their first validation and with an MVP.

Address one or more of the following issues:

  • healthy society
  • water protection and basic sanitation
  • affordable and clean energy
  • sustainable settlements and communities
  • responsible consumption and production
  • climate change mitigation
  • protection of natural ecosystems
  • sustainable use of local resources

After the the application is closed, a three-member international jury will evaluate the applications. The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • development level of the project
  • challenge and idea
  • target customers
  • competition
  • current maturity of the project
  • expectations from the programme
  • team

Following the evaluations, the jury, under the guidance of the project leader, reviews the evaluations in the form of an online discussion and agrees on the final ranking among the applicants. Based on this, the Foundation decides on the number of projects to be included in the given programme.

Participation is completely FREE of charge for the selected start-ups.

The full programme will take place from 25th October  to 17th December. The central element of the acceleration is a 10-day thematic workshop session, which will take place in Budapest, 3 or 4 combined times in October and November. Another important goal of the programme is to provide participants with networking and team-building opportunities that run in parallel with mentoring from the beginning to the end of the project. The closing event of the programme, the Investor Day, will be held on 17th December in Budapest.

The language of the programme is English & Hungarian.

Feel free to contact us with any question! Send us an email to kdriu@kdriu.hu.